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TAFJ Online Bible School is a non-profit educational facility of The Trinitarian All For Jesus Ekklesia of the Lord God, Inc.  It aims to help the believer in rightly dividing  the Word of God, so he will be a workman thoroughly equipped in answering questions about his faith and hope, 1Pet. 3:15; 2Tim 2:15. These non-degree courses are offered free of charge and is open to all regardless of  his/her educational attainment.  Training is individualised and the student is required to answer a set of test questions pertaining to the course.  If he/she passes the test, a corresponding Certificate of Completion will be issued to him/her.  However this Certificate of Completion is non-creditable.Please feel free to browse on our Library where you can download various ebooks and reference material which you can use in your study of our courses. COURSES OFFERED:

  • Messianic Soteriology (Part 1) Learn more…
  • Messianic Soteriology (Part 2) Salvation Is All of Grace
  • The Biblical Constitution Of All Reality
  • How The Godkind Trinity Works 
  • The Children Of God And The Children Of The Devil
  • The Three (3) Unique And Distinct Forms Of The Word Of God NEW!

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